Vegetation Management

    Prescribed Burning:

    • Turn-key, ground-ignition prescribed burning and burn plans including:
      • Midstory-understory woody vegetation control.
      • Site preparation.
      • Habitat improvement, ecological restoration.
    • Raven employs Texas State “Certified Prescribed Burn Managers”.
    • Fire-line construction using Certified “Best Management Practices” operators.
    • In-house fire trailer, radios, Nomex, ATVs, Mule, suppression water tanks etc.


    Rotary Drum Mulching:

    • Large-tract and/or high-density mechanical control utilizing:
      • Skidder mounted, twin hydraulics, 8-foot rotary drum mulcher
    • Small-tract and/or low density mechanical control utilizing:
      • Skid-steer mounted hydraulic tree shear.


    Chemical Spraying:

    • Small-tract (to 20 acres), fence-line, etc. chemical control utilizing:
      • Backpack and/or hand-held sprayers, injectors, hack and squirt.
      • Mounted ATV, Mule, and/or tractor pulled tank sprayers.
    • Large-tract prescriptions with subcontractor management and supervision.


    Botanical Inventory, Classification and Restoration:

    • Plant community inventory.
    • Ecological classification.
    • Non-native invasive species identification and eradication.
    • Native species restoration, planning and implementation with tractor-mounted no-till seed drill