Habitat Management

Inventory, Classification and Restoration:

  • Plant community inventory, mapping and spatial data management
  • Ecological classification and mapping
  • Turn-key field services including timber marking, mechanical mulching, prescribed burning, spatial data support, planting with no-till seed drill…

Mechanical Mulching:

  • Woody vegetation removal for wildfire suppression and mitigation, prescribed fire management, and habitat restoration
  • Mechanical control of target vegetation using 300+ HP forestry mulchers

Prescribed Burning:

  • Turn-key prescribed burning and burn plans including:
    • Midstory-understory woody vegetation control
    • Habitat improvement, ecological restoration, fuels management
  • Raven employs Texas Department of Agriculture “Certified Prescribed Burn Managers”
  • Management and support for landowner prescribed burn grant applications

GPS and GIS Mapping:

  • Turn-key mapping and digital data collection
  • Custom landowner maps with aerial imagery, topography, soils, roads…
  • Raven uses ArcGIS software (with Google Earth compatible formats) and high-resolution Trimble and Garmin GPS units

Herbicide Application:

  • Prescriptions and applications for control of non-native invasive species and habitat restoration in various habitats
  • Manual applications with backpack and/or hand-held sprayers, injectors, hack and squirt
  • Mechanical applications with ATV, UTV, and/or tractor mounted tank sprayers

Planning and Landowner Support:

  • Management planning and design services in various habitat and forest habitats
  • Tax planning services including 1-d-1 open space valuations (wildlife, timber…)